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I will tell you why the Australian shepherd boxer mix is the best dog for you

Dogs are lovely and loyal, and this makes them a very popular pet. The number of dog breeds is so great though, that it can be confusing when deciding on which one is the right one for you. I have ownership experience with two Australian Boxherds. This is a breed that I highly recommend as a pet, and so I have written the following as an outline on what to expect about this breed and why I recommend them as pets.


  • Breed Type: Cross Breed
  • Life Expectancy and Size: The Australian Boxherd has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.
  • Height and Weight: from 45-70 pounds / 23-25 inches
  • Average daily dog food consumption: 2.75 cups.
  • ....

The Australian shepherd boxer mix or Boxherd is a combination between the Australian Shepherd and Boxer. They are a large, healthy breed that tends to be protective of their owners. I have witnessed their protective nature first hand when, five months ago, one of my friends came to my house. At one point during my friend's visit, we pretended to have a fight. When my dog saw this, his instinct was that I was going to be hurt, so he jumped into the fight and barked at my friend until we stopped. However, when he realized we were only playing, he became extremely content and joined us. The initial behavior though clearly illustrates a breed that will fight for an owner if it perceives that owner to be in danger. Therefore, besides having a friend, you will have a trusted guard.

It is clear that not every dog has the same colors. My dogs are brown and white, but dogs fur coloring range spans from black to white, brown, brindle, chocolate and golden. Australian shepherd boxer mix can weigh between 45 to 70 pounds. They are energetic, obedient dogs, which makes them suitable for many purposes. They even function well as search and rescue, or watch dogs. The shepherd boxer mix will have shorter snouts which make them more similar in the face to boxers, but the body proportions are a mixture of their original pure breeds yielding both a muscular frame and streamlined shape. They are very friendly and lovely. They can serve as both working and herding dogs due to their crossover breeding, the working boxer, and herding Australian shepherd. Australian boxherds are energetic, courageous, loyal and protective.


Not every dog has the same personality; it will be different from dog to dog. Some dogs can be shy or aloof, but others can be sociable and friendly. For example my dogs are incredibly adorable, but sometimes too naughty. They will tear apart my shoes or rugs if I do not give them enough attention. I usually get angry with them if they are destructive, but they try to win back my trust and affection. Because they are so adorable, I cannot stay upset with them for long. They are highly intelligent, loyal, and thrive on human companionship. They are happy to be with their owners whether for a walk, a run, sports, or picnics. Because one of their outstanding traits is interacting, they cooperate with people very well. They are wonderfully behaved around all ages and can therefore be brought with on family outings. My dogs have never missed a vacation or picnic with my family since they came to me.​

Australian shepherd Personality

Activity Requirements

I did not use an overly harsh training program for my dogs. To train the Australian shepherd boxer mix requires, instead, flexibility; you need to add a lot of physical activities to their training. They are a working breed, so they thrive from learning new tasks and engaging in those tasks as often as possible.

An Australian shepherd boxer mix can be perfect for families who are active outdoors. Some games like fetching and catching a frisbee are their favorite. My dogs love those games. A lot of exercises and incentives to exercise are key requirements for effective training of this kind of medium sized dog, because they need to develop their physical strength. If they do not get enough activities, they will be depressed or anxious. Owners who are frequently away from them or busy might not find this breed suitable for their lifestyle. It should be noted that while the breeds especially loves outdoor exercises, because they do not like extremes temperatures, training them to behave indoors may be necessary depending on the climate in which they are kept.​​

australian shepherd training


Do not be over worried about training this breed, because they are highly intelligent. They can learn quickly to do any task which the owners want. You might not need a firm hand when training your dog because they are a loyal breed and rapidly learn behaviors rewarded with praises and treats. They can develop with simple acquiescence training, and once they have mastered basics requirements, they can enroll in advanced courses such as agility training. The Australian Boxherd knows to listen to commands and obey its owner. Expect fewer required repetitions when training this breed.

I started the training early with my dogs, and I do think this was a good decision as it calmed their temperaments around humans. This breed should also be socialized as soon as possible. Given their protective natures, they may develop a tendency to be standoffish or even aggressive to strangers. Social training is useful especially when you need a dog who is friendly around children.​

Behavioral Traits

Australian Shepherds, in general, tend to long for human attention and companionship. They love to interact with people and be involved in all family activities. However, one thing to take into consideration is that Australian Shepherds can be prone to developing separation anxiety or barking behaviors. This can be anticipated and resolved preemptively from early training. Furthermore, they should be carefully supervised to avoid some potentially dangerous situations. Australian boxherds like to interact with their owners. So the method that I used to train my dogs is to establish gentle but consistent approaches; this method is reassuring to this type of dog as they are accustomed to routine. This kind dog is considered as a loyal and helpful breed; they do not cause too much trouble for the owners. They tend to make their owners satisfied because they are very expressive, showing their excitement and affection. Moreover, they are lovely friends for children. My nephew and niece love to play, even sleep, with my dogs whenever they come to my house.​


If you do decide to get an Australian shepherd-boxer mix, you should remember a few more important things: Regular grooming is required to keep the fur of this breed in good shape. Once I was too lazy to groom them, and they quickly began to look terrible. It is also important to remember that this breed may need extra socialization to reduce its distrust of humans that are not its owners. In conclusion, an Australian shepherd boxer mix seems to be the perfect choice as a pet, and I am so happy that I chose this breed for my own. Given all of their great and physical and mental characteristics, I am sure they can also be a fantastic choice for you.​

Angelina Hadley

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